Color Gels
From shade to shade it's simply brilliant

The huge selection of colors in our color gels meets even the most extravagant requests. Your customers can let their imaginations run free and you can deliver with excellent results. Top quality, excellent adhesion, unique brilliance and also no separation of the pigmentation. The high opacity - the maximum number of pigments – gives you unique results with a minimum use of materials.

Note: Of the color gels we do not offer samples. Thank you for your understanding.

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ColorGEL ColorGEL
7 ml

Top quality, excellent adhesion, unique color brilliance. No separation of ink particles. The high opacity - the maximum number of ...
7 ml

Art.No.: 19046
Die CATEYE Effekt-Gele erweitern die Beauteena-ColorGel-Serie wie gewohnt mit ihrer Spitzenqualität, exzellenten Haftung und ...
Magnet-Stick Magnet-Stick
Art.No.: 11690
Diesen Magnet-Stick benötigen Sie, um die eisenhaltigen Partikel der CATEYE-ColorGele auszurichten. Dazu den Stick für ...
Products per page: 10 20 50